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The Guitar Salon is an unique, one-person, woman owned operation located in an
historic brownstone building in the heart of Greenwich Village.

The Salon is known worldwide for an outstanding collection of classical and flamenco guitars. It is a longtime haunt of renowned guitarists, and specializes in unique classical and flamenco instruments.

Come in and see the difference: My prices are flexible, my manner is without pressure & animals are welcome.

I am the only woman in this business. I have been doing this for about 40 years. I buy, sell and appraise fine guitars and have been written up in the New York Times. I have appraised Guitars belonging to Andre Segovia at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,

Iíve sold guitars to many famous people, such as Paul Simon, Earl Klugh, Keith Richards, Virginia Luque. My business is by appointment in an historical brownstone in Greenwich Village, known to the cognoscenti.



Beverly was featured in the NYTimes metropolitan section

Latest Inventory Of Instruments

The Salon






The main room is in the old Salon tradition, filled with Beverly's
private collection of photos and rare instruments.

The Salon is by appointment only and customers are given personalized service and
encouraged to take their time, in privacy, with no pressure






Beverly's important work as an appraiser includes Segovia's celebrated guitars, which are currently at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Hauser played by Julian Bream, and the musical instrument collection of Rose Augustine.


Marking the 100 year centennial of Segovia's birth




The Motoguitar - for those who want to practice on the go!

(not for sale)

Private Lessons with Virginia Luque at the Guitar Salon or on Skype.

CD's by Virginia Luque

The New CD from Virginia Luque Now Available at The Guitar Salon

Goldberg Variations for Guitar

Listener’s reviews from music lovers that purchased the cd:

“The richness of vigor and color of Bach's Goldberg Variations are never more dramatically evident than when listening to Virginia Luque play them on her Hauser. Every variation is a unique journey, something new and exciting to be discovered in every measure! When listening to the colors she brings out in the heavenly Aria, or the mournful adagio of V25, or the mind boggling toccata of V28, rediscovering the Goldberg on her guitar is a timeless and precious gift.”
- K.K

“I found this recording to be a joyful and absorbing re-interpretation of the Variations.   Since I first loaded the cd I have found it difficult to stop playing it. Through her deep artistry and astonishing technique Virginia has adapted these pieces for guitar in an entirely musical and natural way.  Anyone who is familiar with the famous keyboard interpretations will find new ways to enjoy this great music.  Anyone who studies or is familiar with modern classical guitar will be amazed.” - P. C

“Virginia Luque's new arrangement of Bach's Goldberg Variations is a modern marvel. The brilliance of the arrangement is matched only by the flawless performance. Were it not so technically challenging I believe it would become standard repertoire for all guitarists.” - C.A

“While listening to Virginia Luque’s Goldberg Variations, a thought crossed my mind: "She breathes through her instrument." The range of emotions she evokes is breathtaking, from joy and excitement to contemplation and sadness. I could hear her love and understanding of Bach across the thousands of guitar strokes, punctuated and nuanced to express complex lines and driving motion.  Once I started listening, I could not stop. I felt like I was being taken to a different place, a place I love being in. Thank you Ms. Luque!” - M.G

 Virginia Luque Mozart CD Virginia Luque Mozart CD
Virginia Luque Mozart CD
Virginia Luque Mozart CD

CD's are $20, available from the Guitar Salon or CD Baby.

Contact Beverly for more information.

Private Lessons with Virginia Luque at The Guitar Salon or Skype.

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