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"now the whole world knows what I've known since 1964 when I met you at Noah Wulfe's, Beverly Maher is the soul of the guitar in NYC."

-Dennis Koster          


Homage to Agustin Barrios

Spanish masterworks, including Rodrigo's great Concerto de Aranjuez

CD's are $20, available from the Guitar Salon or CD Baby.

Contact Beverly for more information.



Guitar lovers: immerse yourselves for 6 days & nites in the beautiful Bavarian town of Reisbach, home of the Hauser family.

There  will be concerts, masterclasses, seminars, great food & great German beer.

Also, you will  see the house where Hauser l & ll worked & meet Hauser lll & lV.

Don't miss the opportunity.

A short video with samples from Reflections, and images from my life as a "busker" in Central Park.

Many of the tracks are recorded using the wonderful De Jong spruce and rosewood guitar I purchased from Beverly.

Reflections of the Guitar

Marc Friedlander

A double CD, spanning the centuries of the classical guitar.

Disc 1 is mainly Spanish repertoire, Disc 2 is Baroque and Classical.

The 2 disc set is available at CD Baby for $20. It is also available for digital download.


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Classical Guitars
1961 *****Titi Amadeo Spruce
Brazilian  Rosewood
Very Good Inquire




I'm so thrilled to have this guitar by a NYC maker who I met & who worked with Manuel Velazquez & then on his own. I have only come across one other of Titi's amazing guitars many years ago, but it wasn't for sale.

If anyone knows of any others out there,please let me know. He didn't make many but they have to be somewhere.

The sound of this guitar is jaw dropping. It sounds like an old Santos Hernandez. someone described it as, " like butter melting", if you can imagine that.  My feeling was OMG, its awesome (a word that is overused & annoying & that I never use). 

James Westbrook was here  recently, doing research for a book on David Rubio, who is another former Greenwich Village, NYC luthier. Jim told me that Titi greatly influenced Rubio. That was news to me.I haven't decided on a price but I'll speak to anyone seriously interested or who has any information to add.

2007 Geza Burghardt Spruce
Brazilian  Rosewood
Excellent $15,000





In his birthplace of Budapest, Geza began building guitars in 1981. Seven years later he moved to Vancouver and opened for business again,building &  restoring  guitars, other stringed instruments &  teaching classical guitar.

This guitar is a work of art with beautiful  woods, inlays, maple bindings , Rodgers tuners & Santos Hernandez  bracing. The sound is the closest to a Santos I've heard.

2015 Sergei de Jonge, Canada Spruce
Indian  Rosewood
New $8,500



This is another brilliant guitar by our favorite Canadian builder. Raised fingerboard.

It has it all.


2015 Sergei de Jonge, Canada Cedar
Indian Rosewood
New $8,500



Just like the brightness & color of his spruce guitars, this cedar one has the same flavor but with a cedar inflection. I see the difference as chocolate or vanilla ice cream.


new 2014 Dominique Field, France


Brazilian Rosewood


Inquire by phone



Dominique Field was a player & then a builder, just like his great early predecessor Robert Bouchet. He became next in line of the great French builders when Daniel Friederich recently retired.

This is a simply beautiful guitar on the outside but look inside & see an innovative bracing system that is very unusual & complex. I refer you to an article in

ORFEO Magazine #7

You will see & understand his patterns.

The sound is all encompassing. It's everything all at once.

1989 Ignacio Fleta, hijo, Sp

Indian Rosewood



Fleta Hijo



This is a custom made guitar, started by Ignacio but finished by his son (hijo) after his death. It is in pristine condition, with specially chosen woods.

Most of the guitars made by the Fleta son's, Gabriel & Francisco, were cedar, this is spruce, which is rare.

It comes with a beautiful Protoge Humi case.

new 1971 Daniel Friederich, Fr Spruce
Indian Rosewood

inquire by phone



Photos coming soon

new 2016 Lubos Naprstek, U.S. Cedar
Brazilian Rosewood


Lubos Naprstek


Just arrived, much talked about, Balsa Double Top.

Has both the punch of a double top & the sweetness & colors of his traditional guitars.

2013 Lubos Naprstek, U.S. Spruce


Lubos Naprstek


This is a copy of a Bouchet guitar.
It's very mellow, easy to play & a great price. It was made in 2013 but not up for sale until now.

2015 Tim McCoy, U.S. Spruce or Cedar
Indian Rosewood




I recently had a visit from the laid back, Ca. builder, Tim McCoy. I'm told he is an expert cabinet maker as so many luthiers were but in addition, I see that he's also an expert guitar maker.

His friendship with his mentor, John Gilbert helped him in crafting beautiful guitars in the style & sound of the great JG.

new 2013 Eric Monrad, U.S.

Spruce over
Cedar Double Top

Indian Rosewood





This is a most spectacular, nomex double top guitar with a sound port on the bass shoulder. It's called, " The Black Guitar" because the back & sides are so dark.
It has an elevated f.b., Rodgers tuners with black pearl , hi- tech Bam case & fitted cover and
if you think it can't get any better, the sound is equal to the beauty : dark, powerful, brilliant.

2014 Daryl Perry, Canada Spruce
Indian Rosewood




This amazing guitar by Perry is  based on a Robert Bouchet model. It has the same qualities as a Bouchet: balance, richness & sustain. Allesi tuners.

2016 Leonard Plattner, Sp


Indian Rosewood

New $10,000



The eagerly awaited Plattner has arrived.
It's fantastic. Tremendous presence, amazing sustain, (way above the 12th fret) & great balance.
Plattner 's mentor Arcangel Fernandez, retired & left the shop to him.
His guitars have a very similar quality to Fernandez, but with his own imprint.


But another Plattner will be coming soon!

2000's John Price, Australia



Very Good $5,000

John Price


This is a popular, Australian lattice braced guitar in the sytle of Greg Smallman. John is renouned for the volume and projection of his guitars.

1994 David Rubio, U.S. Spruce
Brazilian Rosewood
Excellent $18,000



This gorgeous Guitar was built in 1994 by the late David Rubio himself (not a workshop guitar). It is made of some of the finest materials that I have ever seen. The European spruce soundboard has a tight grain seen rarely seen anymore and the very dark rich old growth Brazilian back and sides is very beautiful.

The sound is lush, deep, dark, clear  and projects very well. It is very easy to play. This is a fine concert guitar made by one of the best  makers of the 20th century. The guitar has the original French polish, is in excellent ++ condition with no cracks or repairs.

Rubio at 66 Carmine St in Grenwich Village, Sept 1967


1997 Robert Ruck, U.S. Cedar
Indian Rosewood
Excellent $11,000



Listen to the guitar

This guitar with its Rogers tuners, is full of color & resonance. Rucks are becoming scarce & this one is a dream guitar. The older, the better.

2014 Kim Schwartz, U. S. Spruce
Indian Rosewood
New $5,000

Kim Schwartz


Every once in awhile I get a guitar from Kim Schwartz.

Always beautifully crafted, double top, penetrating sound & very underpriced.

This is a deal.

1938 Theremin electronic stuff working condition Inquire

Theremin insides

some of the insides

pics and details

You've heard this in some movies. It is extraordinary and very rare.

1888 Antonio Torres Spruce
Bird's Eye Maple
Fully Restored Inquire




For sale. Please call for more information.

(212) 675 - 3236

One of the very rare Torres guitars with maple back



1965 Manuel Velazquez, U.S. Spruce
Brazilian Rosewood
Very Good $17,500



Specially made to order, finest woods, few nail scratches, very good condition.


1974 Manuel Velazquez, U.S. Cedar
Indian Rosewood
Excellent $9,500



Manuel made these slightly larger bodied guitars in the 70's but not too many cedars. The sound is rich & balanced, good for classical or other kinds of music.
You can always tell a Velazquez by the purity of sound. This has a small mark on the upper bout, otherwise it's in good shape. This is a good buy!!

1992 Manuel Velazquez, U.S. Spruce
Brazilian Rosewood
Excellent $15,000



Specially made to order, finest woods, excellent condition.

new 1969 Manuel Velazquez, U.S.


Indian Rosewood

Excellent $17,500



The top of this guitar has spectacular bearclaw spruce that Manuel used with special guitars.

Although the label says "1969", the inside where he signs his name is marked "1968" - so that's when he began to build the guitar.
I would actually consider it a '68. His guitars from this era, with these woods, are so clear throughout the neck, with singing tones that don't stop.

Look at those woods! His special bear claw top used on this guitar & the matched Indian back. Noah Wulfe used to go to Yugoslavia, (as it was called) to get these woods for Manuel.
I have to say the same thing for all of his guitars from the 60's, they sound heavenly: clear, crisp & collectible.

This is another MV gem.

Manuel Velazquez Documentary

New York Times video and article about Beverly and the Guitar Salon





Flamenco Guitars
1987 Jose Ramirez Flamenco
Spruce / Cypress Excellent $6,000

We offer services such as: appraisals, set-ups, refinishing, repairs & full restoration



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