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"now the whole world knows what I've known since 1964 when I met you at Noah Wulfe's, Beverly Maher is the soul of the guitar in NYC."

-Dennis Koster         


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Classical Guitars
2005 Simon Ambridge, U.K Spruce, Brazilian Eexcellent  Condition $8,000


The famous British builder, with a very long list, comes to N.Y., to grace us with pure, mellow, sounding, beautifully articulated, basses & trebles.


new 1947 Marcelo Barbero, Spain Spruce/Cypress Very Good Condition Sold



This old flamenco guitar is from one of the greatest builders to come out of the Ramirez workshop.

The sound is noble, immediate, clear, sweet, with great sustain. All the adjectives that Barbero's are known for.


new 2011 Peter Barton, U.K.

Brazilian Rosewood

Very Good Condition Sold


Barton learned from studying the great masters, past & present. He uses  carefully selected woods which produce a warm, bright sound throughout. HIs rosettes are handmade & the tuners are Sloane's with dark pearl buttons.,giving the guitar a "mysterious look."(quoted by a guitarist)  Vladislav Blaha & Nikita Koshkin amongst others, play  Barton guitars.



2004 Tobias Berg, Germany

Spruce/Indian Rosewood Mint Condition $8,000


Berg was born in Sweden, studied in Canada, U.K. & finally in the U.S. with Robert Ruck & Jeff Elliott, two of the maestros of the lutherie world.

This guitar has all the subtleties & expression you would find in the finest builders plus a dash of his own. Even though it's old, it's hardly been played.

A small gem.


new 2012 Tobias Braun, Austria Spruce, Satinwood Excellant Condition



Braun was born in Germany but moved to Vienna.
He studied under Jose Romanillos & eventually became his asst. in classes.
This guitar is so unusual, from the woods, the handmade purfling & rosette, the made to order German Wagner tuners & the small  tornavoz inside the sound hole.Torres developed the tornavoz, (small metal cone mounted inside the sound hole to amplify the sound } & it wa used by some luthier's past & present. 


new 2007 Geza Burghardt, B.C. Spruce
Brazilian Rosewood
Excellent Sold





In his birthplace of Budapest, Geza began building guitars in 1981. Seven years later he moved to Vancouver and opened for business again,building &  restoring  guitars, other stringed instruments &  teaching classical guitar.

This guitar is a work of art with beautiful  woods, inlays, maple bindings , Rodgers tuners & Santos Hernandez  bracing. The sound is the closest to a Santos I've heard.


2009 Dominique Delarue, France Cedar/Indian Rosewood Excellent Condition $8,500


This sound from the famous French luthier, is piano - like, with resonant deep sustaining overtones, deep basses & sweet trebles & with a French accent.


1929 Domingo Esteso, Spain Flamenco Very Good Condition Inquire



Domingo Lopez Esteso lived from 1882-1937 He began building guitars in 1919 & later taught his nephew Faustino Conde, who taught his  2 brothers, Julio & Mariano.(Conde Hermanos). After Esteso's passing, the Conde's built under the label, (Sobrinos de Esteso) Esteso is considered one of the greatest of flamenco builders & the choice of the players bold tablao sound.

new 2014 Dominique Field, France

Brazilian Rosewood





Dominique Field was a player & then a builder, just like his great early predecessor Robert Bouchet. He became next in line of the great French builders when Daniel Friederich recently retired.

This is a simply beautiful guitar on the outside but look inside & see an innovative bracing system that is very unusual & complex. I refer you to an article in

ORFEO Magazine #7

You will see & understand his patterns.

The sound is all encompassing. It's everything all at once.


2011 Michelle Della Giustina, Italy


Excellent Condition



Michelle uses very carefully selected woods to produce  deeply inspired guitars. 

This is a double top with a raised fingerboard. The sound is direct & dramatic.

new 1989 Ignacio Fleta, hijo, Sp Spruce
Indian Rosewood
Excellent Sold

Fleta Hijo



This is a custom made guitar, started by Ignacio but finished by his son (hijo) after his death. It is in pristine condition, with specially chosen woods.

Most of the guitars made by the Fleta son's, Gabriel & Francisco, were cedar, this is spruce, which is rare.

It comes with a beautiful Protoge Humi case.


1968 Daniel Friederich, France Spruce/ Indian Rosewood Very Good Condition Inquire



This old beauty is in very good condition with no cracks or scratches, easy to play with a wonderfully rich voice & excellent sustain.


new 1971 Daniel Friederich, Fr Spruce
Indian Rosewood




I've seen & heard many great guitars in my many years of buying & selling but this Friederich moved me to tears. The unexpected, explosive sound, the warmth & beauty of the many colors, the purity of the sound, the love of one of the greatest builders of our time, all come through in this extraordinary instrument. 

This is a one person guitar, bought in 1971.


new 1980 John Gilbert Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood Very Good Condition Sold


Not John Gilbert the famous actor but John Gilbert the famous luthier. Although Gilbert was formerly an engineer for Hewlett -Packard, he became one of the most esteemed builders who's guitars were played worldwide.

The condition is very good with just a repaired hairline crack at the lower bout end.

Gilbert had a knack for creating a surround sound with his innovative construction. That's why his guitars were in such demand & still are. The rich, tonal fullness is unmistakeable.

new 1971 Hermann Hauser II, Germany Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood Mint Condition Sold


I'm told by Kathrin Hauser, "the top comes from the Tegersee area in Bavaria.
It looks like very old stock from Josef Hauser & Hermann Hauser l.
Also  the beautiful , rare, sides & back  are from the stock of HH l. (1930-1935)
With woods this old, it can only sound as glorious as it looks !!


new 1975 Hermann Hauser II Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood  Excellant Condition Sold


Hermann Hauser II (1911-1988)

He began working in his father's workshop in 1930 & all guitars were signed by HH I until he took over in 1952 & began signing HH ll until 1983. The last one was # 1050. HH ll developed his guitars through the input of his relationships with Segovia & Bream & other notable players. This guitar is in excellent condition except for a repaired hairline crack below the bridge. The sound is bright, brilliant & beautiful with excellent playability & response.

new 2000 Herman Hauser III

Spruce, Indian Rosewood

Excellent Condition Sold


What a surprisingly eloquent & elegant Hauser this is.
It's bold, not brash with warm sweet tones & is remarkably melodic.
One of Herman's best.


Herman Hauser III and Bevery Maher.


2018 Kathrin Hauser IV Spruce
Indian Rosewood



Kathrin is the 4th in the Hauser Dynasty of great luthiers. Her guitars possess a long lasting sound, characteristic of the Hauser's unique acoustic quality. In a word, marvelous! They take a long time coming but if you order now you'll be on my priority list. One is available now.


With mother of pearl tie block & bridge dots.



new 1941 Santos Hernandez, Spain Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood Very Good Condition Sold


One of Spain's greatest luthier's. 1874-1943

One ,amongst Santos' many accomplishments on the guitar, was his 1st string bracing solution which equalized  the troublesome 1st string, making it equally resonant to the 2nd & 3rd. Santos  worked in the shop of Manuel Ramirez & is  believed to have made the famous 1912 Manuel Ramirez guitar, owned by Segovia & donated to the Met Museum.  (which I appraised).


2017 Kenny Hill Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood  Anniversary Signature $15,000



Anniversary Signature. This is a nomex double top guitar. Kenny designed the special headstock decorations, using mother of pearl,added  unique bindings & purflings, elevated fb, arm rest, beautiful woods, jewel like tuners, custom ergonomics & includes  Visesnut case & cover.

The guitar looks & sounds fantastic. Kudos, Kenny!!

2015 Darren Hippner Spruce
Brazilian, Double Top



This is an innovative, elaborate hellion bracing system.  There's alot going on inside this guitar & alot more coming out. It's very beautiful & rich sounding.  Darren also Santos backed guitars, builds traditional guitars as well, with beautiful craftsmanship at affordable prices.  Endorsed by Ricardo Cobo




new 1977 Thomas Humphrey Spruce/Brazilian Excellent Condition Sold


This is the best Humphrey I've heard in a long time.
It'd extremely bright & focused, with never-ending sustain.  I never heard a Humphrey sound like this.
This is from his best time period and it's a WOW!

2008 Simon Marty, Australia Brazilian Rosewood Excelllent Condition $9,500


Marty was formerly a research scientist who through a grant from his government , devoted all his time to developing non traditional ,innovative guitars which are loud, responsive & well balanced.


2018  Rafael Mardones, Chile Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood Condition New $9,500


This exquisite, unusual guitar by the famous Rafael Mardones. This guitar has the beauty & sustain of his workmanship. The woods are remarkable & the sound is as you would expect.


2016 Lubos Naprstek, U.S. Spruce/Indian Rosewood Excellant Condition


Lubos Naprstek


Just arrived, much talked about, Balsa Double Top.

Has both the punch of a double top & the sweetness & colors of his traditional guitars.


new 2013 Lubos Naprstek, U.S. Spruce


Lubos Naprstek


This is a copy of a Bouchet guitar.
It's very mellow, easy to play & a great price. It was made in 2013 but not up for sale until now.

new 1969 Marcelino Lopez Nieto, Spain Cedar, Brazilian Rosewood  Excellant Condition Sold


Lopez is one of the most underrated,  experienced, Madrid builders.The Summerfield book names him as one of the finest.
His sound is unlike the brash Ramirez but more elegant & refined. concert sound. He studied under Daniel Fortea & worked with Hernandez Y Aguado before opening his own shop. The scale is 660 & easy to play.

2003 Kolya Panhuyzen, Germany

Cedar/Brazilian Rosewood

Excellant Condition $6,500


He has been building guitars for over 40 years & chosen by many musicians for the playability, projection & range of colors produced by these instruments.


1999 John Price, Au Spruce/Blackwood Excellant Condition $5,000


His workmanship & big bright sound make him one of the outstanding Austalian builders.
His newer guitars are over $12,000. This is the best deal in town.

2016 Leonard Plattner, Sp

Indian Rosewood

New Coming Soon!



The eagerly awaited Plattner coming soon!

It's fantastic. Tremendous presence, amazing sustain, (way above the 12th fret) & great balance.

Plattner 's mentor Arcangel Fernandez, retired & left the shop to him.
His guitars have a very similar quality to Fernandez, but with his own imprint.


new 1981 Jose Ramirez Centenario Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood Excellent Condition Sold


The limited edition Centenario guitars, were built to commemorate the first centennial of the Ramirez factory founded in 1882. Only the finest, most beautiful woods were chosen, along with the exquisite headstock & tuning machines.

The sound is typically Ramirez: full & lush, only more of both.

Segovia said,“Jose Ramirez has built the most sonorous & beautifully timbered guitars in the whole world”


1994 David Rubio, U.S. Spruce
Brazilian Rosewood
Excellent Inquire



This gorgeous Guitar was built in 1994 by the late David Rubio himself. It is made of some of the finest materials that I have ever seen. The European spruce soundboard has a tight grain seen rarely seen anymore and the very dark rich old growth Brazilian back and sides is very beautiful.

The sound is lush, deep, dark, clear  and projects very well. It is very easy to play. This is a fine concert guitar made by one of the best  makers of the 20th century. The guitar has the original French polish, is in excellent ++ condition with no cracks or repairs.


new 1967 Jose Rubio - #113 Spruce/Brazilian Mint Condition Sold



Rubio at 66 Carmine St in Grenwich Village, Sept 1967


2013 Robert Ruck,U.S. Spruce/Indian Rosewood Mint Condition Inquire


It s a Ruck & it s mint & it has it all: easy playability , great projection & lush sound.

new 1929 Francisco Simplicio,  Sp Spruce
Cuban Mahogany
Excellant Condition Sold


Francisco (1874- 1932) ,was  the only student of the great. Enrique Garcia . He continued using the EG label on which he signed over : ‘the only pupil of  Enrique Garcia.’

His beautiful carved headstock is so indicitive of the Art Deco architecture of Barcelona , where he lived. The sound of this guitar is, mellow, pure, old world sound, never to be duplicated in later Spanish guitars .

new 1937 Miguel Simplicio, Spain Spruce
Brazilian Rosewood
Condition: Used Sold


Miguel was  the son of  Francisco Simplicio, who died in 1932.  Francisco was the heir to Enrique Garcia. This guitar was made by Francisco & finished by his son Miguel. The guitars Miguel made have a very different label. As you can see, this one is the same as that of his father & of Enrique Garcia. The back is the same wood used by his predecessors & the deorative, woman with lyre, carved headstock, similar to the architecture of the famous Antoni Gaudi, whose works adorn the city of Barcelona. According to the article by Daniel Friederich in Orfeo magazine, there are only 5 guitars made with this particular headstock.

The basses are strong & the trebles are sweet & lyrical.

Orfeo Magazine #1 - English edition - Winter 2013  


2007 Andrea Tacchi, Italy Spruce, Brazilian Mint Condition Inquire


From the hands of the master Italian builder, comes this elegant example of the art of  Lutherie & the sound
of the desire of all players.


new 2008 Andreas Tacchi, Italy


Excellant Condition



Un altra grande chitarra, from Tacchi.


new 1962 Manuel Velazquez, U.S.A. Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood Very Good Condition Sold



This is an exact copy of a 1937 Hauser guitar.

Except for some back marks & smudges,it s in good shape.I could hve refinished the back but I prefer to maintain the dignity & provenance of guitars. The one  owner, was a professional guitarist, mostly played steel strings. He also has several  D Angelicos for sale but just one Velazquez. Steel players usually have one nylon guitar, invariably, Velazquez. I ve sold them to several players : Paul Simon, Keith Richards, to name a few.

They love the clarity, balance , sweetness of Manuel s guitars. He worked in NY until 1963, when he left for P.R. I love the guitar, the story behind it & the builder.


new 1969 Manuel Velazquez, U.S.


Excellent Sold



The top of this guitar has spectacular bearclaw spruce that Manuel used with special guitars.

Although the label says "1969", the inside where he signs his name is marked "1968" - so that's when he began to build the guitar.

I would actually consider it a '68. His guitars from this era, with these woods, are so clear throughout the neck, with singing tones that don't stop.

Look at those woods! His special bear claw top used on this guitar & the matched Indian back. Noah Wulfe used to go to Yugoslavia, (as it was called) to get these woods for Manuel.
I have to say the same thing for all of his guitars from the 60's, they sound heavenly: clear, crisp & collectible.

This is another MV gem.

Click letter to enlarge.

new 1979 Manuel Velazquez, U.S. Cedar
Indian Rosewood
Excellent Sold



Manuel made these slightly larger bodied guitars in the 70's but not too many cedars. The sound is rich & balanced, good for classical or other kinds of music.

You can always tell a Velazquez by the purity of sound. This has a small mark on the upper bout, otherwise it's in good shape. This is a good buy!!


1987 Manuel Velazquez, U.S. Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood Mint Condition Inquire


This is one of the best guitars from Manuel's 80's collection. It's lusciously sonorous with velvety tones , both basses & trebles.

Another Velazquez gem.


new 2006 Manuel Velazquez, U.S. Spruce
Brazilian Rosewood
Excellent Sold



This is one of the last guitars made by Manuel. The woods are extraordinary. The highly figured Spruce top &  the dark Brazilian matched back, accent the glorious sound of another gift from our great American builder, our Hauser.




2009 Manuel Velazquez, U.S. Spruce,Indian Rosewood Excellent Condition Inquire


This is a very special, made for & dedicated to the famous maker of the Velazquez documentary, Paul Polycarpou.
Manuel was so moved by the depiction of him & his art & love of guitars, as told by Paul, that he made this guitar for him.
It is dedicated to Antonio Torres, the father of the modern guitar & under the top. It has Rodgers tuners & Velazquez love.


Several Used Guitars

Kohno prof, Hippner, Joaquin Garcia

All in excellant condition. $5,000

Manuel Velazquez Documentary

New York Times video and article about Beverly and the Guitar Salon




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