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The Guitar Salon is a unique, one-person operation located in an historic brownstone building in the heart of Greenwich Village. The Salon is known worldwide for an outstanding collection of classical and flamenco guitars. It is a longtime haunt of renowned guitarists, specializing in unique classical and flamenco instruments. Prices start at $4,000.

The main room is in the old Salon tradition, filled with Beverly's private collection of photos and rare instruments.   The Salon is by appointment only and customers are given personalized service and encouraged to take their time, in privacy, with no pressure.

Beverly's important work as an appraiser includes Segovia's celebrated guitars, which are currently at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Hauser played by Julian Bream, and the musical instrument collection of Rose Augustine.


I have known & loved Manuel for at least 45 years. He lived & worked  in N.Y. with Noah Wulfe & then when Noah retired, I took over his business & continued selling Manuel's guitars. Each one he brought to me was  his "new baby."  He later moved to Florida  where he opened a shop with his son Alfredo.  Whenever I visited him, we embraced & wiped  away our tears.
I  not only loved the man for his gentle manner , I also loved the maker of my favorite guitars. He spoke through his guitars as I guess all luthiers do and his were as sweet & tender as he was.
He is our great American builder & will always be revered by those who knew him & played his guitars.
Alfredo said he passed peacefully.


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Great Guitars I Have Known

1830's Craftsman's Guild

1830's Craftsman's Guild


1856 Torres

1856 Torres

1966 Robert Bouchet

1966 Robert Bouchet


1903 Santos Hernandez

1903 Santos Hernandez



1929 Simplicio


A partial list of notable people who have purchased guitars from the Guitar Salon:

Earl Klugh, Paul Simon, Virginia Luque, Keith Richards, Mark Mancina.



 Women's Role in the History of Guitars


Women at the Gibson guitar factory in Kalamazoo, MI, during World War II. (Margaret Hart)




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US Proposes 'Musical Instrument Passports'

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Virginia Luque plays a sampling of the Salon's collection of superb guitars

Second Guitar Tasting

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Sassy, Sassy(Noodle) & Her Cousin Jack

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